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Exceptional End-to-End Global Support

Maintaining your Universal Communications investment requires trained professionals. We've invested heavily and taken the time to build the support team and infrastructure you need to ensure a smooth experience from developing your UC investment to maximizing user adoption and utilization.

UC Support Services

Our support services are designed to help clients protect their Microsoft Universal Communications (UC) investment to ensure the availability of service, business continuity and to empower users to utilize the functionality and maximize the potential benefits of a UC deployment.

Our support services can be used as an addition to in-house capabilities, on a short term basis while you upskill, or as a completely outsourced managed service. The support option available includes end user support as well as proactive and reactive technical support that can incorporate third-party related communication components (eg. software, hardware, network, gateways and system interoperability) to provide you with a single point of contact.

Our Support Value
  • Our end user support helps increase adoption and feature utilization by up to 25%
  • Our technical support resolves Lync issues up to 75% quicker than other means
  • Our managed support service offers significant internal savings in terms of time, money and resources required to support your UC environment

End User Support

A cost effective method for providing first and second-line support to end users minimizing the demands and need to train in-house teams. This outsourced service can be accessed via telephone, email, or even instant message utilizing our own hosted HelpMe application designed specifically for helpdesk environments.

End User Support Includes:
  • First-Line Support
  • Second-Line Support
  • Helpdesk – HelpMe
  • Telephone, email and IM access

Technical Support

Our technical support is designed to act as an extension of an organization’s in-house support team by providing them with access to the knowledge and expertise of our highly-qualified technical specialists to help prevent and resolve technical issues.

Our technical support also includes a number of optional upgrades to provide a comprehensive support package, including 24/7 coverage and proactive monitoring to help identify issues before they arise and identify development and utilization ideas.

Technical Support Includes:
  • 24/7 uplift
  • Health Check
  • Certificate Management
  • Service Pack Updates and Patching
  • Reactive & Proactive Support
  • Direct escalation path within Microsoft

Managed Support

Our Managed support service provides you with the option to completely outsource the support of your entire UC environment to Modality.

Our Managed Support offering eliminates the need for you to upskill or have dedicated resources in-house, and ensures your investment is protected and benefits from our wealth of experience and knowledge of UC environments.

Support Offering
End-to-End Global Support

Enhance Your Journey

Customized development and software applications to help you leverage your UC investment for further gain.