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When it comes to security in the Cloud, assuming that you’re already being targeted is the safest approach.


At Modality, we take a zero-trust approach to help you get ahead of security threats and tackle cyber attacks head-on.   

With misconfiguration being the most reported cloud security threat in 64% of cloud environments*, a security health check and monthly review is the perfect way to make sure your critical data and systems are properly protected in Microsoft 365 and Azure. That's just one of our security service options; you'll be sure to find your ideal level of protection with Modality. 

Modern Work and Security

The modern cloud-first world demands feature-rich, end-user collaboration; our experts will help you enable the full range of Microsoft 365 and Azure security services without compromising on these critical business benefits.

If you need to set a baseline for ‘what good looks like’, support ongoing security optimisation with monthly reviews or require a 24/7 SOC service, our security solutions help guide your strategy and future-proof your defences. 



Governance and compliance

M365 Security Setup and Review

An expert review of your Microsoft products and licenses to ensure you’re fully exploiting your investment and driving ongoing, regulatory compliance. You will understand the level of support you need moving forward, following this three-month engagement.

  • Initial security health check and audit
  • Baseline config with core M365 security tools
  • 3 x monthly security reviews
    • Deep dive analytics 
    • Track activity, identify anomalous behaviour
    • Strategic advice and prioritised improvement areas
    • Options to leverage advanced Microsoft capabilities
Collaboration Intelligence Service

Security Assurance Service

Our ongoing, monthly review service will provide a timely and thorough security assessment, to give you the confidence of knowing your business is protected. 


  • Deep dive security analytics
  • Key security events and mitigations
  • Security improvement options 
  • Leverage advanced Microsoft capabilities
  • Review existing configuration, highlight trends and areas of risk
  • Implement recommendations with configuration days
Customer Azure Tenant

Microsoft Security as a Service

For peace of mind and the freedom to focus on enabling your business, our cloud native Microsoft service manages all day-to-day security events, with round the clock threat detection, automated fixes, security training and insight reports.


  • 24/7 Security Incident and Event Management via Microsoft Sentinel
  • Continuous optimisation and tuning to maximise threat detection
  • IT service desk integration
  • Immediate response to threats with automated playbooks
  • Monthly Security Assurance reviews
  • Options for 3rd party data management and device remediation
  • Option for phishing and anti-malware training 

Ongoing Protection

By enabling core Microsoft 365 security tools such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Azure Conditional Access, Cloud App Security, and Information Protection / DLP, you’ll be protected against some of the largest cyber-security threats, and also gain a fundamental understanding of your critical data and usage patterns.

With Modality, you can leverage Microsoft Sentinel's advanced AI and automation to detect, investigate and remediate ongoing security events across your environment.

*Based on a recent Ermetic and IDC survey of over 300 senior IT decision makers

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