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Many businesses are drawn to the agility, efficiency, and innovation of the cloud. But how do you ensure your cloud environment is secure and compliant?

cloud security

An identity-driven, secure by design environment should underpin any technology implementation to ensure that your sensitive data is protected while enabling your workforce to work smarter. But delivering security in the cloud takes clear strategic action, an agile governance model and implementation from security specialists.

Modality’s cloud security services consist of four steps to guide a cloud-first journey to optimal security:

1 - Assess and strengthen your security posture
Identify gaps and create a security roadmap that optimises your current technology investments.

2 - Identity and Access Management
We offer a range of Identity and Access Management security solutions designed to provide your organisation with the control you require to secure your applications and networks, to enable a more productive and secure workplace.

3 - Automate native security
Whatever your chosen-cloud environment, we will automate the deployment of native security guardrails to monitor the ongoing compliance of your environment.

4 - Proactive security monitoring and self-healing technology
We proactively monitor and mitigate risks using a detailed review programme and self-healing technology to ensure you continue to operate securely in the cloud.

As a leading consultancy partner for both Microsoft Azure and AWS, and with decades of experience in cybersecurity we can help you to realise the power of cloud, securely.

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