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Automate best practice in Microsoft Teams

Every day, activity in Microsoft Teams generates more data, building a bigger picture of how your organisation operates. Teamwork Analytics and Microsoft Teams reporting harness this data into powerful insights and Azure-automated user notifications, improving adoption, governance and performance and driving more value from your Microsoft Teams investment.

Automation in Teamwork Analytics proactively tackles threats and identifies opportunities across the Teams environment, acting on adoption behaviours, compliance breaches, adoption misfires and call quality issues, including those experienced by remote workers.

The Three Pillars of Teamwork Analytics

Assuring a measurable return on your Microsoft Teams investment

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Governance and Compliance

Ensure compliance, automate governance notifications, track and demonstrate Teams users' adherence to policy


Performance and Reliability

Performance and Reliability

Improve quality and reliability of calls and meetings, with alerts and insight into the number of calls, packet loss, jitter and network performance


Adoption and Usage

Drive organisation-wide adoption with actionable insights, personalised usage reports, and best practice guidance



Teamwork Analytics

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