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migrating to the cloud is only the first step

Once there, you’ll need to capitalise on the efficiency and innovation potential available to you by building applications and services specifically designed to maximise the value of a cloud environment, but where do you start?

With potentially hundreds of business-critical legacy applications in your portfolio, how can you ensure you prioritise which applications should be modernised to generate the most value?

At Modality, our cloud specialists have extensive experience in supporting businesses with their cloud modernisation projects.

We work with you to decide which applications need to be retired, retained, or modernised, as well as considering your infrastructure and data architecture to ensure they are optimised and suitable for a modern cloud environment.

By modernising your infrastructure, we’ll uncover opportunities for automation and data-driven management to not only optimise costs but also ramp up business agility and flexibility. Throughout the cloud modernisation process, we’ll show you where options such as serverless computing and big data management can help reduce management overheads and deliver the flexibility you need.

Cloud modernisation is the key to cost efficiency and increasing the agility and speed of your business in the cloud. However, an extensive modernisation strategy won’t be the right approach for every application and every company, that’s why you need the support of a cloud specialist. We’ll help you implement a carefully considered cloud modernisation plan to navigate the complexity and ensure you are getting the most out of your cloud environment.

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