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In a world of digital change, cloud computing is leading the way in agile, scalable, and secure solutions built to be cost-efficient. Cloud innovation can deliver a real competitive edge, but how do you know if you’re maximising the benefits in such a rapidly changing ecosystem?

At Modality, we embed our cloud centre of excellence at the heart of our managed service offering, ensuring that we continuously learn, innovate, and optimise within the cloud to deliver continuous opportunities to our customers. Our many years of service management expertise and ITIL delivery models, combined with the new world of cloud technologies, tools, and features have created a best-in-class managed service offering to support our customers now and in the future.

Providing a comprehensive 24x7, end to end delivery model for cloud-based solutions, including secure landing zones within your environment, we are a trusted advisor for many forward-thinking customers. We enable our customers to focus on their own digital transformation, knowing that their cloud solutions are in safe hands.


agile, scalable, and secure solutions


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As an AWS accredited Managed service provider since 2014, our expertise lies in establishing, transitioning, managing, and optimising cloud managed services. At Modality, we continue to evolve and unlock cloud potential for our customers by delivering benefits such as auto-scaling infrastructure, self-healing components, next-generation monitoring, improved business insights and continuous cost optimisation in line with business needs.

Adopting or migrating to the cloud is a strategic focus for many businesses, but we also understand that the adoption journey is not a one-time activity. Even greater focus is required to deliver business value and benefit across the delivery lifecycle to ensure that your cloud-based solutions continue to evolve with your business.

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Outpace the competition with continuous cloud optimisation

Teamwork Analytics


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