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Teamwork Analytics

Data driven success with Microsoft Office 365 Collaboration

What is it?

Modality Systems  Teamwork Analytics is a software-driven analytics tool made up of a series of modules, providing insights on usage, governance, security, billing and performance of Microsoft 365.

Reporting modules cover:

  • Microsoft Teams Usage and Governance
  • Skype for Business Usage
  • Office 365 PSTN Calling and Conferencing Billing

  • Drive adoption, best practices and efficient collaboration
  • Identify collaboration improvement initiatives
  • Improve the user experience and adoption by highlighting the pain points

Microsoft Teams Usage & Governance

This module contains reports that look at Microsoft Teams team usage, usage by group, for example department, city or office and specifically Microsoft Teams governance.

In usage we score team and user group activity to help drive adoption and business change.

In governance we focus on team owners, guests, public and private teams and information security.

Skype for Business Usage

This report module focuses on Skype for Business Usage. Looking at usage broken down by modality, location and department.

These reports can be used to drive adoption but also give insights to help the migration to Microsoft Teams. For example, there are groups of users who only use internal Instant Messaging who may be easy to move to Microsoft Teams, but other users who are heavy federation and telephony users may need more focus during a migration.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 PSTN Calling and Conferencing Billing

Microsoft Calling Plans, PSTN Audio Conferencing and Communications Credits data is visualised using Microsoft PowerBI to provide instantly understandable and actionable information. Usage is mapped by department or location. This allows insights into usage and also cross charging to departments or geographies.

A range of different reports are included, covering executive overview, current usage, monthly trends, costs, included vs chargeable calls.

How it works

Teamwork Analytics collects data from Microsoft Graphs API and collates it your Microsoft Azure environment. The data remains in your environment. The data collated includes the native information available through Microsoft Office 365, plus additional data extracted by our Teamwork Analytics solution to provide greater depth of insight.

Using the power and flexibility of Microsoft PowerBI, the data is then surfaced in a series of specially designed reports, providing instant access to the insights needed to drive the utilisation and value of collaborative working with Microsoft Teams. PowerBI also provides the ability for the data to be interrogated and filtered in a flexible and agile manner, providing greater insights personalised to your environment.

Teamwork Analytics can be consumed on its own or as part of our Teams Success service, providing a range of service wraps to help you interpret and deliver action on the insights.

If you would like to experience Teamwork Analytics first hand in the form of access to our demo version, please complete the form below and you will be emailed a link that will provide direct access.

Teamwork Analytics