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An automated application that regulates how individual teams are created within Microsoft Teams, helping users to manage the entire lifecycle of a team, promote best practice, and optimize security.

Regulating everything your employees do can be a challenge

Organizations using Microsoft Teams will be aware of its vast collaboration benefits; however, managing this environment can be difficult when there are adoption, governance, and compliance considerations across disparate teams. Whether it’s due to a lack of technical resources or cultural challenges, organizations commonly experience problems with sprawl, data-containment, and efficient functionality of the Microsoft Teams environment.

CreateTeam: Creating Teams success

Modality Systems’ CreateTeam addresses these challenges by regulating how individual teams are created and who can create them. Delivered via a simple App contained within Microsoft Teams, it helps users manage the entire lifecycle of a team to ensure best practice, adoption, and optimum governance and security. At the same time, CreateTeam also provides a standardized approach to creation while maintaining the self-service flexibility that Microsoft Teams has to offer.

  • Secure and compliant: Prevents sprawl, keeps sensitive data in one team, and controls guest access
  • Optimize collaboration: Removes duplicate teams to encourage collaboration across one team
  • Standardized approach: Empowers users with self-service flexibility whilst maintaining governance
  • Strategic investment: Manages and automates the creation of teams so IT can focus on strategic projects
  • Promotes user adoption: Simple to use and navigate to encourage user adoption

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