Modality Systems

Extending the Power of Your UC

Use our development service and software applications to help you get even more out of your UC investment.

Software to Extend the UC Value

Our software applications are designed to help you extend the value of your UC environment in terms of both enhancing business processes across the organization, and facilitating productivity improvements for users.

Our business process applications utilize the powerful features of Lync in combination with intelligent functionality to support and enhance activities across different parts of the organization. They can add value to any area of the business, whether it be supporting a product launch or recall, or underpinning HR initiatives such as CSR or Health and Safety training.

We also have a series of applications focused on helping to improve individual productivity and the user experience.

Types of custom development includes, but not limited to:

  • Contextual and Embedded Communications
  • Adding communications to a Line of Business application
  • Connecting to the right people at the right time
  • Skills-based routing, contextual contact information
  • Communications enabled “things” (services, machines, cargo)
  • Communication (and presence) enablement of large systems and goods
  • Custom clients
  • Enabling new user experiences & on new devices and screens

Our Customers Make Great Use of Our Software

  • Over 120,000 licensed users of our software applications

Business Applications

Our Business Applications are a suite of hosted applications designed to streamline business communications and maximize your company's efficiency in the workplace through its utilization of Microsoft Lync.


SuperToast is one of our most popular Lync add-ons available in two flavors for a single user and enterprise wide. With SuperToast, you’ll be alerted to any missed instant messages and telephone/video calls.


AutoAssist for Microsoft Lync simplifies remote access by automating the desktop sharing process, without the user needing to know how it works.

Development Services

One of the major strengths of Microsoft Lync is the openness of the software and the endless possibilities it offers to develop and extend UC deeper in and across your organization and processes.

Our in-house team of developers have a wealth of knowledge and experience creating customized software and developments for Microsoft Lync. Many developments start with an idea and through a detailed consultation process, our developers understand your requirements before designing and developing a solution integrated with your extensible Microsoft UC platform.

Enhance Your UC Investment with our Development Services

Over 15% of our customer base have taken advantage of our development capabilities to enhance their UC investment and they have all achieved their desired benefit goals.