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Designed to extend the value of your Microsoft environment

A World of Possibilities

With the openness of the Microsoft software comes a world of new possibilities for an organisation to enhance and extend the collaboration environment with new features and functionality to facilitate better ways of working, support greater efficiencies and new processes.

Our in-house team of developers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with our clients to unlock new value areas for their organisation, including integrations with other business applications, developing add-on software tools and the creation of complete applications to support an existing or new process or workflow.

Types of custom development includes, but not limited to:

  • Contextual and Embedded Communications
  • Adding communications to a Line of Business applications
  • Connecting to the right people at the right time
  • Skills-based routing, contextual contact information
  • Communications enabled “things” (services, machines, cargo)
  • Communication (and presence) enablement of large systems and goods
  • Custom clients
  • Enabling new user experiences & on new devices and screens

Software to Extend the Value

Our software applications and add-ons are designed to help you extend the value of your communications and collaboration environment in terms of both enhancing business processes across the organisation, and facilitating productivity improvements for users.

Our business process applications utilise the powerful features of the Microsoft software in combination with intelligent functionality to support and enhance activities across different parts of the organisation. They can add value to any area of the business, whether it be supporting a product launch or recall, or underpinning HR initiatives such as CSR or Health and Safety training.

We also have a series of applications focused on helping to improve individual productivity and the user experience.

Adding more value to our customers through software
  • There are over a quarter of a million licensed users of our software applications around the world


If you want people to attend your meetings in a productive frame of mind, make it easy for them. The CustomInvite add-on from Modality Systems has been specifically developed to enhance the user experience of joining meetings.



AutoAssist for Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business simplifies remote access for users and helpdesk agents by automating the desktop sharing process, without the user needing to know how it works.



SuperToast is one of our most popular software add-ons, available in two flavors for a single user and enterprise wide. SuperToast alerts you to any missed instant messages and telephone/video calls.

IM Broadcast icon white

IM Broadcast

IM Broadcast is a presence-based alerting and messaging application. It allows companies to send single instant messages - via Microsoft Skype for Business - to specified groups of users across the organisation as a simple, timely and targeted alternative to email for ‘must read’ company announcements.

IM HelpMe icon

IM HelpMe

IM HelpMe provides quick and easy access to the right support and expertise when you need it. Using the instant messaging (IM) functionality in Skype for Business, IM HelpMe intelligently routes user questions to the most appropriate subject matter expert – to provide the best answers.