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Software-enhanced service and support package for Microsoft Teams


We’ve helped customers all over the world to succeed with our Microsoft Teams consultancy service, and have distilled our experience into a product designed specifically for businesses with up to 2,500 users. 

This experience tells us that Microsoft Teams is not just another collaboration tool, and despite the obvious benefits, there are a lot of facets to consider in order to create and maintain an effective Teams operation. Addressing the key themes of usage, governance and performance can be challenging, unless you understand the potential pitfalls and have the ability to address and avoid them. 

Teams Success Service helps you to do this through its powerful mix of support, services and software.

Modality offers three, pre-defined options to drive your Teams success. Your Microsoft Teams consultant will provide the foundation stone of expert support, building through the addition of self-service analytics and automation, up to a comprehensive package of services and software including regular assessment and insights.

We also provide a dedicated Teams migration service for a smooth transition between products.

Which Level of Teams Consulting is right for you?