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Is your network ready for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams? Test, measure and understand with Impact Assessment

What is Impact Assessment?

Impact Assessment is a time limited, non-intrusive service utilising Modality Systems Test Nodes to make repeated, real Skype for Business calls on the network to monitor and measure call performance. It can be used for wired and wireless networks, testing the calls across the internal network, edge services and the internet – monitoring packet loss, latency, jitter, networked media open specifications and more.


  • Assess readiness
  • Troubleshoot
  • Validate

Impact Assessment Options


Impact Assessment Connectivity is a mesh of Skype calls between all nodes, checking that the traffic routes correctly throughout your sites. This will pick up issues with routing, firewalls, ports and proxies blocking traffic or causing issues.

Load Test

The Impact Assessment Load Test replicates the projected ‘real world’ traffic levels expected in your live production environment. It takes into account the number of users on a site and sends calls over the network to reflect the expected load. As well as testing jitter, latency and bandwidth, the load test also assesses the throughput of traffic through firewalls and routers to ensure they are performing at the optimum level to support voice and video traffic.

Calls, conferences, messaging and screen share all in one app that works with Office 365. Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams are driving a communications evolution at the heart of your digital workplace. Modality Systems Impact Assessment lets you begin your journey with confidence

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You only get one chance to make a great first impression

Modality Systems Impact Assessment tests your network with real Skype calls, and produces clear actionable reports on actual performance.

Voice and video are sensitive to network quality, and a bad performing network will impact the end user experience. By identifying and addressing areas of concern, you can power through the bottlenecks to achieve the very best audio, video and conferencing experience ahead of your Skype for Business and Teams roll-out.

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