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What Is Diagnostics?

Diagnostics from Modality Systems is a software and services tool that proactively measures the real time performance of your Microsoft communications and collaboration environment. It delivers trend data and actionable insights to inform decision making – helping enterprises drive continuous service improvement and achieve the highest quality user experience.

Diagnostics Service - how it works

watch diagnostics in action

Who is it for?

Diagnostics is purpose built for Skype for Business. It is for organisations who are using the voice features of Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams and looking to maximise the performance of their environment – improving user experience to drive enterprise wide adoption and maximise the value of their Microsoft investments.

Service Optimisation

  • Visualising the global performance
  • Trend analysis
  • Stream quality analytics
  • Device monitoring
  • Network performance
  • Error insights
  • Modality Stream Score
Diagnostics Service - conference stream locations

Service Adoption

  • Usage analytics
  • Consumption metrics
  • User troubleshooting
  • Experience metrics
  • Executive summary
Diagnostics Service - statistics view

Business Insight

  • Utilisation reporting
  • Trends and performance
  • Development insights
  • ROI indications
  • User spotlight
  • Interrogate raw data streams
  • Real-time alerting from Virtual Static Users
Diagnostics Service - all streams date and time

Key features for improved value

Professional Service wrap

Helping you turn information into actionable intelligence. Benefit from our extensive experience in Microsoft Communications solutions gained over 10+ years supporting more than 2 million users globally.

Virtual Static Users

Constantly testing your environment using real Skype calls. Our virtual static user software works continuously in the background, sending real Skype for Business calls throughout your network to test performance and help provide an early indication of trends or issues.

Microsoft PowerBI

The Microsoft PowerBI analytics engine at the heart of Diagnostics delivers flexible, role-based reporting. You can stay at the top level or dive down to gain deep insights into network routing or contention issues, to identify under-utilised services and the possible causes, and much more.

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