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Diagnostics Service

The intelligence you need to maximize your investment and drive the utilization of your Skype for Business and Teams service.

Improve User

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What Is It?

A service designed to support you in making continuous service improvements and provide a reliable, well utilized communications & collaboration environment to support your organisation. Modality Systems Diagnostics Service helps you improve the user experience, increase adoption and optimize your investment.

Service Optimization

  • Trend analysis
  • Call quality analytics
  • Device monitoring
  • Network performance
  • Error insights

Service Adoption

  • Usage analytics
  • Consumption metrics
  • User troubleshooting
  • Experience metrics

Business Insight

  • Utilization reporting
  • Trends and performance
  • Development insights
  • ROI indications
  • User spotlight

Turning information into actionable intelligence

The key to any data is being able to interpret it into something valuable. That is why our Diagnostics Service includes the expert knowledge of analysts to help you understand and use the data available to maintain and improve the service, driving value for the business.

Key features for improved value

Service wrap

Helping you turn information into actionable intelligence. Benefit from our extensive experience in Microsoft Communications solutions gained over 10+ years supporting more than 2 million users globally.

Virtual static users

Constantly testing your environment using real Skype calls. Our virtual static user software works continuously in the background, sending real Skype for Business calls throughout your network to test performance and help provide an early indication of trends or issues.

Why Diagnostics Service?

  • Insight service from expert Data Consultant
  • Built exclusively for Skype for Business¬†
  • Utilizes real Skype calls for improved accuracy
  • Uses Microsoft PowerBI¬†for better flexibility and scalability
  • Combines online, Hybrid and on-premise data
  • Incorporates network, application and device information
  • Key metrics given a simple single score for quicker insights
  • No manual manipulation of data from different sources

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