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Consulting Services

Helping you strategically plan, develop and deploy Microsoft’s evolving communications & collaboration suite

Meet & exceed expected returns on your Microsoft investments

Modality Systems Consulting Services incorporate a range of strategy, planning, design and implementation services. They help organisations deploy, realise and extend the business value - and the transformational impact - of Microsoft’s evolving communications & collaboration suite.

What are they?

With adoption, utilisation and continual improvement crucial to any technology-facilitated transformation initiative, Modality Systems Consulting Services create the platform for success. Based on our experience of 500+ customer deployments, our strategic consulting, design, deployment and professional services expertise ensures enterprise customers enjoy positive business outcomes that meet or exceed expected return on investment.


  • Bespoke to the customer
  • Proven capability
  • Reducing risk
  • Accelerating speed to value

Who are they for?

Consulting Services are designed to support medium to large enterprises seeking to deploy new, integrate with, or upgrade existing Microsoft communications & collaboration technologies.

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