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As the fastest-growing application in Microsoft’s history, Microsoft Teams is already bringing collaboration benefits to millions of businesses worldwide. For customers who want to utilise Microsoft Teams for telephony, there are choices to be made.

As a global Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider specialising in Microsoft Teams, Modality is uniquely positioned to both advise on and provide all combinations of Microsoft Teams Telephony. From Microsoft’s cloud service calling plans to a full Direct Routing Managed Service into your Microsoft Teams platform, Modality leverages its wealth of experience as a Telecoms provider for small businesses, enterprise customers, and everyone in between. Our varied models offer flexibility and peace of mind around infrastructure monitoring and management, billing, legacy applications, and fraud.


To use Microsoft Teams as your phone, organisations must choose a PSTN connectivity option (in addition to Microsoft’s phone system license): There are two main options for Microsoft Teams PSTN connectivity and user phone numbers:

  • Microsoft Calling Plans - a cloud service direct from Microsoft
  • Direct Routing - a model to choose and connect a PSTN carrier to your Teams environment

Modality offers both Microsoft Calling plans as well as Direct Routing/telephony carrier connectivity. We can advise you which PSTN connectivity would best match your business requirements, considering areas such as:

  • Countries you require coverage for
  • Commercial model and billing options
  • Existing Telco contract/Service
  • For interoperability with third-party systems (e.g. existing PBXs during the migration)
  • Connecting analogue devices into Microsoft Teams (e.g. fax, paging systems, elevator phones)


Modality offers different service models to suit your requirements, which may be one or a combination of the following services:


You can choose to use Microsoft as your telephony carrier. For this, you will need an Office 365 Calling Plan license. There are two types of Calling Plans available:

  • Domestic Calling Plans
  • Domestic and International Calling plans

Microsoft covers 10 countries for calling plans, with specific calling plans for Australia and Japan. Modality can provide these licenses via the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) with additional benefits offered via an array of Modality services such as Service Desk Support and Service Issues Alerting. 


Microsoft Direct Routing lets organisations connect a supported Session Border Controller (SBC) to the Microsoft Phone System. Modality offers two models of Direct Routing for customers:

Direct Routing and PSTN as a Cloud Service

Direct Routing as a fully managed service including PSTN carrier connectivity and phone numbers for over 20 countries

Customer Dedicated Direct Routing

Physical or virtual SBCs on customer premises or Azure. Ideal for customer PBX/Contact Centre interop and/or bringing your own PSTN carrier(s) of choice globally

This is a shared service providing Direct Routing/PSTN as a cloud service, harnessing Nasstar's global SIP service capability. 

In this model, the Session Border Controllers, virtual or physical, are dedicated to your organisation. They can be hosted in your Azure or on-premises. Modality can design, deploy, and maintain/operate AudioCodes and Ribbon SBCs.

Standard Modality Direct Routing Cloud Service:

Web-Enabled Routing (Reroute number sets to alternate numbers if Teams is down)

Bundle Calling Plans

Per-minute Calling Plans

Monthly Billing

Standard Customer Dedicated Direct Routing Service:

Design and Deploy SBCs

SBC Support and Maintenance - SBC Monitoring - SBC Patching

Nasstar calling plans/SIP connectivity or bring your own Carrier (global coverage)

Included Services:

Service Desk Support


Continuous Testing and Service Issue alerting

Includes Services:

Named Service Manager

Service Desk Support


Continuous Testing and Service Issue alerting



With years of experience providing Microsoft Telephony Services to customers across the globe, we are also able to offer the following additional optional related services:

  • Microsoft M365/Teams Technical Support
  • Microsoft M365/Teams Admin/Change Support
  • Microsoft M365/Teams Analytics and Insight
  • Microsoft M365 Security Services
  • Adoption and Change Management Services
  • Project and Operational Services