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Webinar, Thursday October 8th 2020

Following Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and considering people, processes, and technology, Modality’s Secure Landing Zone should not only be the start of your journey into the Cloud, but a continually evolving core component of your infrastructure.

A well-defined strategy helps organisations to adopt Azure with confidence, control and should optimise the flexibility and agility of the platform. However, lack of planning can lead to longer migration cycles, cross-team dependencies, and higher operational costs.

As a Cloud-first leading Microsoft Gold partner with in-depth knowledge of Azure deployment and management, Modality Systems can help organisations to adopt Azure more securely, confidently, and quickly with our Secure Landing Zones. But what are they and how can they be used to support an effective operational and governance model aligned to an organisation’s objectives? To find out, join us for our expert-led webinar where we will explore what a Secure Landing Zone is and the benefits for your organisation.