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Webinar, Monday November 16th 2020

The legal industry is characteristically slow at new technology adoption for numerous reasons however, the need to keep pace with evolving technologies has never been more imperative. Due to the disruption of the pandemic, we have seen an influx of firms adopting Microsoft Teams as a primary, unified communications platform. With staff working remotely, the ability to stay connected whilst sharing highly sensitive, digital information securely is more crucial than ever.

So, how can you realise the full potential of your Microsoft Teams investment and ensure your environment is optimised to deliver complete governance, drive adoption, and generate maximum ROI?

Modality has unrivalled expertise and experience in delivering Microsoft Teams projects for both telephony and collaboration within the legal and professional services sector.

Our digital workspace solutions comprise of the world’s leading communication and collaboration tools to give legal firms a clear competitive edge. We also understand the importance of client confidentiality – our systems ensure compliance to keep your firm secure and address legislations such as COPRA and GDPR.