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Communications is the heartbeat of your business

Connecting People

Good communications have long since been at the heart of great business. Whether it is communication between colleagues, customers or partners, face to face or via a technology medium, communication between people is the lifeblood of a successful business.

Skype for Business can be deployed as a cloud solution, on-premises using the server version or in varying forms of hybrid models depending on your requirements. In addition, many of the powerful features of Skype for Business have also been incorporated into Microsoft Teams.

Our consulting services can help you define what model suits your specific requirements.

Microsoft Skype for Business is a proven, powerful and all-inclusive solution to support communications across the organisation, combining voice, video, messaging and meetings in an intuitive and easy to use ‘unified’ solution.

Instant Messaging and Presence

Instant messaging (or chat) and presence information have provided many organisations with instant benefits in speeding up the process of communications, accessibility to knowledge and information, and facilitating quicker decision making.

Voice and Calling

Skype for Business is a reliable and mature solution to underpin an organisations voice-based communications and has replaced traditional telephone systems in many businesses around the world, simplifying the user experience and saving costs.

Providing a unified experience across devices, Skype for Business Online also has the option to use Microsoft’s calling plans should you wish to move your voice communications completely into the cloud.


Skype for Business really comes into its own with the online meeting capabilities offered directly from the client or desktop. You can join scheduled meetings or create meetings on demand, enjoying a feature rich experience working like you are all in one room. From team meetings to live streaming a meeting, or dialling into a conference call, Skype for Business meeting capabilities help boost productivity, efficiency and collaboration.

Security and management

As with all of the Microsoft suite, security and management is an intrinsic part of the solution. Online you get end-to-end security, control and compliance that spans the user to the enterprise, all powered by the on-demand scale and manageability of Office 365.

Similarly with the server version, you can enhance communication security with built-in encryption and authorisation through Active Directory, deployed in your datacentre and managed by you, giving you complete control.

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