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Creating new ways of working with Microsoft’s suite of communication and collaboration tools available in Office 365

Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is constantly evolving. The explosion of new and innovative technologies are providing us with the opportunity to rethink and redefine the way we work. But while technology is helping us re-imagine our working practices and break down traditional barriers, it is still people who hold the key to success.

Business goals and objectives are achieved by people. Through relationships, knowledge sharing, innovation, interaction, collaboration and communication. It is for that reason adopting a people-centric approach to deploying technology is essential; and facilitating greater communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing remains a fundamental foundation to success.

communication and collaboration

Twenty years ago collaboration was a conversation across the desk. Today it’s an interactive experience between multiple people, across continents, on the move, in remote locations, anywhere, at any time and on any device. Knowledge is shared, decisions are made, and relationships built in real time.

Because of this everyone is more informed, more efficient and more productive. And we need to be, because in today’s complex world communication and collaboration plays a crucial role in the pursuit of our business goals.

For many organisations the value of collaboration is clear, but the question is how to optimise the technology to create environments where staff, customers and partners effortlessly interact in a timely and efficient manner. Building a connected and collaborative business is an ongoing journey with the ultimate goal being the transformation of business practices to address the changing organisational requirements

  • Communication is the imparting or sharing of information or news.

  • Collaboration is people working together and interacting to achieve a common goal which could be to create something or achieve a certain business outcome.

  • Communication and Collaboration are very different things that are mutually linked and an essential part of a successful business.

Microsoft’s suite of communication and collaboration solutions within Office 365 are perfectly designed to help individuals and businesses facilitate change and realise their full potential. With powerful applications such as Exchange, Sharepoint, Teams, Skype for Business, OneNote, Yammer etc., security, compliance and threat protection all as standard components, Office 365 is a great foundation for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and an enabler of transformation.

Skype for Business is Microsoft’s powerful communications engine, a platform that brings together different communication methods in one place. Features such as presence, instant message, voice, video, meetings, email integration and sharing are all included, facilitating effective communication anytime regardless of device or location. Available on-premises as a server, as a service from Microsoft 365 cloud or a combination of both.

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork and collaboration. Offering a single pane of glass approach to utilising the vast array of productivity and collaboration tools within Office 365, Teams facilitates a more collaborative, productive and efficient way for teams to work towards a common goal.

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