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In our personal lives, we’re used to having instant access to everything we need, but this isn’t always possible in our professional lives. Anything can be bought online at the click of a button, but can you find the answers you need in the workplace?

The likely answer is no, especially now we have moved to more remote ways of working. Many of us cannot simply nudge a colleague to ask for help or advice, and may not know who to ask for specific guidance.

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Connect your users with your experts

Teams Chat Assist allows you to offer your employees real-time help from internal experts via a chat function, pinned to the sidebar within Microsoft Teams. Simply identify and appoint your subject matter experts for a range of business topics and roll out the Teams bot to your users.

User enquiries are intelligently routed to all available (and appropriate) responders wherever they are in the world, allowing users to get a quick answer to their query and making it easier for them to do their jobs.

The reporting insights enable managers to have real-time visibility of all conversations between team members and the appointed experts, allowing them to jump in and help if needed. Power BI reporting also shows the performance and usage of all instances of Teams Chat Assist, helping you effectively manage your agents and identify common themes.

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