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Taking collaboration to another level

People thrive when they feel involved and empowered; but whatever the shape of your organisation, it’s likely that your workforce isn’t completely aligned.

Taking a user-first approach to wellbeing, collaboration and productivity, Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that helps people to feel engaged and connected. Operating across the M365 platform, it shows users everything they need to know, at the right time. 

From learning and knowledge discovery to news and internal comms, Microsoft Viva connects distributed teams, makes learning part of company culture, and enables people to adjust their schedules for optimal efficiency, health and personal development.   

There are 4 modules to Viva:

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Viva Connections

Microsoft Viva Connections is designed to keep everyone engaged and informed and bring the office culture to the remote workplace.

Collaboration Intelligence Service

Viva Insights

Microsoft Viva Insights helps people improve productivity and wellbeing through data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations.

Coggs in head

Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva Learning makes it easier for people to learn while working by empowering employees with formal and informal learning when and where it’s needed.

M365 Usage Reporting

Viva Topics

Microsoft Viva Topics automatically organizes content and expertise, making it easy for people to find information.

Viva Connections

Research by Microsoft shows that 60% of workers feel less connected to their teams since the move to remote work. Office culture is hard to replicate in the Modern World, but the engagement value of Viva Connections helps foster a similar experience. Centralising news, resources, personalised content and internal communications, Viva Connections’ dynamic dashboard makes it easy for employees to stay in touch with the latest activity across the organisation, and access information that’s important to them from a single-entry point.  

The Viva Connections app sits within Teams and constantly updates the feed with Sharepoint, Yammer, Stream and Live Events. This helps new starters to feel included and aware, and enables senior management to create town hall environments and broadcast information in a highly visual format. 


  • Customisable dashboards according to role and requirement
  • Encourages employee engagement with continual feeds of information
  • Keeps important policy information front of mind and easy to access

Viva Insights

Employee wellbeing has never been more important and wellbeing and productivity are at the heart of Viva Insights. It  uses trend reporting at team and organisational level to allow management to see how people are working together, and make informed decisions to support development and growth, whilst the privacy of individuals is always protected using deidentified data. 

Evolved from MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics, Viva Insights delivers personal experiences for employees backed by data and integrates with apps such as Headspace, helping them to find the right work/life balance.  


  • Tracks productivity and work pattern trends
  • Provides actionable advice and wellbeing guidance 
  • Segments employee and organisational insights with differentiated privacy 
  • Strengthens connections and team cohesion, with coaching and support
  • Access to extensive third party integrations including Salesforce, Zoom, Headspace, SAP

Viva Learning

Fitting seamlessly into the everyday flow of work, Viva Learning brings internal and external content together in a hub for learning and upskilling. Employees can discover and share training courses, webinars and resources from within the organisation’s existing learning management system (LMS) and stored documents, as well as from leading learning management systems and providers such as Skillsoft, edX and ServiceNow. 

With multiple integrations, managers can assign and track learning experiences based on employee needs, and make learning a natural part of the company culture. 


  • Includes LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn and third-party training content
  • Supports remote workers and new hires with specific content and training 
  • Provides a single, aggregated view of educational progress 

Viva Topics

Based on Project Cortex, Viva Topics organises a wealth of information and expertise into topic cards delivered to employees as they work in Office, Teams and other Microsoft apps. 

Microsoft research showed that people spend the equivalent of seven weeks per year searching for or re-creating information; Viva Topics uses AI to automatically organise content into categories and surface the most relevant content for each user, dramatically reducing the time to discovery. 

Experts are recognised by Viva Topics and can approve and create topic pages with all sorts of helpful content including documents, videos and contact details for subject specialists.  Content isn’t limited to the Microsoft ecosystem; Graph connectors into third party tools can draw in extra resources to maximise the benefit to employees. 


  • Amplifies the power of Microsoft Search
  • Integrates with third party and Microsoft apps and tools
  • Reduces app-switching with automatically surfaced content
  • Continually reassesses content base using AI

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