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Webinar: How to Realise the Potential of Microsoft Teams in Legal

Modality has unrivalled expertise and experience in delivering Microsoft Teams projects for both telephony and collaboration within the legal and professional services sector. Our digital workspace solutions comprise of the world’s leading communication and collaboration tools to give legal firms a clear competitive edge. We also understand the importance of client confidentiality – our systems ensure compliance to keep your firm secure and address legislations such as COPRA and GDPR.

Webinar: Microsoft Teams - Bringing Frontline and Knowledge Workers Together

During the current pandemic there has been a huge focus on setting up staff to work from home, but what about field workers who can sometimes feel isolated from the rest of the business, even more so in these strange times? Discover how to bring home-based knowledge workers and field workers together effectively and securely in this exclusive 45-minute webinar.

PowerPlatform, app development, automation and intelligence: The hype

In this episode, the two Toms join Pete to discuss PowerPlatform, Daily Active Usage and how to tell your boss they’re using the technology all wrong!
Tom Morgan, Product Innovation Architect and Tom
Arburthnot, Principle Solution Architect join the ModPod for a light hearted talk about all things PowerPlatform.

From the ModPod: Episode 11

Deploying security in the cloud – what you need to think about

Jamie Wheeldon, Principle Solutions Architect and Brett Shannon, Client Success and Transition Team Lead join in for a chat to discuss how Project Management and Incident Management fit together, what you need to think about when deploying security in the cloud and whether it really matters who drives business transformation.

From the ModPod: Episode 10

Modality People

Find out about our people, and our culture

Webinar: Five Tools to Understand the Quality of your Microsoft Teams Calls and Meetings

As more people continue to work from home, it’s important to understand how you can enhance your workforce’s meeting and calling experience, ensuring seamless collaboration and teamwork.

See how you can quickly and efficiently optimise your organisation’s Microsoft Teams Calls and Meetings experience.

The Cyberjaya special

It is little known that Modality has a full Video Managed Services team based out in Malaysia. Rachel Ann Thong, Head of Operations in Malaysia, Shima Razak, Senior Service Delivery Manager and Thevaraj Dharmarajan, Client Service Manager tell me how it came to be, what they do and how it all fits culturally.

From the ModPod: Episode 12

Webinar: Deliver Exceptional Employee Experiences with Microsoft Viva

Join us as we explore Microsoft Viva and demonstrate the vast benefits of Viva Connections, a free tool to deliver valuable, personalised content to your entire workforce in real time.

The adoption and change management special

What is the collective noun for a group of ACM specialists? Who knows, but some of our ACM team (Michael DeDominick, Nick Boza & Steven Mensah) gather to talk all things ACM, where people get it right and where they are just fooling themselves that it is being done properly.

From the ModPod: Episode 17


Considerations for returning to work and the hybrid office

The cultural, technical and physical considerations. Peter Vasey is joined by Michael DeDominick (ACM Manager) and Sean Murphy (Managing Consultant) to talk through what the Hybrid Office might look and feel like, what you need to watch out for and how to mitigate any risks.

From the ModPod: Episode 16