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Webinar 29 September 21 16:00 - 16:40 GMT

The modern digital era enables more collaboration, knowledge share and work integration than ever before. Microsoft’s new employee experience platform, Viva, brings together four essential modules to help your employees thrive in a culture of learning and sharing, understanding the optimum working models for ongoing productivity without the risk of burnout. 

Join us as we explore Microsoft Viva and demonstrate the vast benefits of Viva Connections, a free* tool to deliver valuable, personalised content to your entire workforce in real time.  

What you’ll learn

  • Viva’s business benefits for onboarding and professional development
  • Why wellbeing and mindfulness are key to productivity
  • How to foster a culture of learning and empowerment
  • The value of knowledge share within a disparate workforce 
  • Why IT, HR and Communications work better together with Viva Connections
  • How to leverage Viva Connections with audience targeting
  • What’s new - latest features for Viva Connections


*For existing Microsoft 365 and SharePoint license holders 


Peter Vasey

Head of Technical Services, Modality

Krizia Ceccobao

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Sam Ashby

Microsoft Viva Employee Experience Customer Transformation Team, Microsoft