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Customer Success

Our new video consultation system is a great digital step forward for the force throughout the pandemic, as our focus remains on keeping the public within our area safe. The video system will hopefully ease any worries around giving statements by providing a safe, virtual environment demonstrating that it is possible to stay well-connected with others whilst practising social distancing.

Chris Rowley
Deputy Chief Constable, Humberside Police

Customer Success

Empowering our users to make the most of our Microsoft Teams investment was key to our rollout strategy. CreateTeam is fantastic; it works seamlessly and allows us to govern the platform with low impact on our internal resource. We wanted to make sure that we were driving Teams user adoption through the business, and with Teamwork Analytics we can measure exactly that. Being able to collaborate efficiently lets us focus on our mission to help more businesses to thrive.

Rob Hill
ICT Cloud Manager, Development Bank of Wales

What Our Partners Say

There was a lot of communication between us and Modality around the move, lots of training and tooling to make sure people knew how to use Teams,” says Pohl. “It was a huge success from a change management perspective.

Ryan Mulvania
Safety Manager, Atlantic and Gulf Coast Region, Williams

Customer Success

We were impressed with how Modality demonstrated a clear understanding of our business and requirements. Their expertise, paired with a market-leading solution has supported our continued growth across seven countries, allowing us to provide an even greater, quicker service to our customers. As well as experience in delivering Skype for Business deployments to organisations with tens of thousands of users, they have a unique blend of capabilities that have proved invaluable to us.

John MacMillan
Programme Manager, Travel Counsellors

Customer Success

We’ve had a really successful experience of working with Modality, they are very professional, approachable and friendly. They’ve been very willing to take the time to understand our service and our needs, using their knowledge and expertise to support us. We look forward to working with them again on future opportunities.

Sarah Sollesse
Step 2 Innovation and Delivery Improvement Lead, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation