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Large financial services firm overhauls Microsoft Teams and telephony

Development Bank of Wales required a detailed training plan and user adoption solution for their Microsoft Teams rollout, in addition to design, planning and deployment assistance for their telephony migration.


the client

Development Bank of Wales is a subsidiary of the Welsh Government, providing financial support to businesses in Wales. From business loans to equity investment, Development Bank of Wales is committed to helping businesses start up, strengthen, and grow to support the Welsh economy.

business challenge

Development Bank of Wales (DBW) had previously deployed Skype for Business Online to their users, but the ICT team had seen poor user uptake of the technology. With Skype for Business retiring, DBW needed to move their users to Microsoft Teams, but with a different approach this time; one that would encourage users to embrace the new tool and collaborate effectively. Their mandate for using best-in-class suppliers led DBW to Modality via G-cloud. The project’s user adoption approach needed to drive real habit change across the business, as well as give a clear indication of the technology’s ROI.


Soon after the deployment, COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown meant almost all DBW staff were forced to work from home. With Teams now successfully deployed, DBW was able to adapt quickly and saw adoption rates rise rapidly, with usage at 90% across the business.

DBW quickly set up staff as homeworkers on Teams, enabling them to continue helping small businesses through this difficult time – a feat that would have been near impossible with its legacy Mitel and SFBO solution. As the global crisis worsened, DBW was provided with additional funding by the Welsh Assembly to loan to small businesses. This required collaboration between departments that had previously not worked together before, to create a new team to manage the fund; Teams made this process seamless.

As a financial institution with so many users working from home, transparency and security were essential for DBW. Modality solutions provide DBW’s ICT team with visibility over the creation and lifecycle management of teams, ensuring the right people are in the right places, security policies are followed, and compliance is maintained.



Technical Solution

Teamwork Analytics, CreateTeam and End-user Training

To maximise the Microsoft Teams investment, DBW used Modality’s Teamwork Analytics. They leverage the CreateTeam module to manage and control team creation and Power BI Usage reporting to measure and drive adoption.

As a subsidiary of the Welsh Assembly Government, compliance and data security are paramount at DBW. By implementing CreateTeam, a Microsoft Teams App, DBW can control the way that users set up new teams, with naming conventions, a minimum number of owners, what teams are used for and what data is stored within them. This reduces risks such as duplicate teams being created, or ‘orphaned’ teams with no owners. In addition, the Power BI Usage report provides great insight into Teams user data, clearly demonstrating adoption trends, helping to get DBW’s Microsoft Teams lifecycle management off to the best possible start.

To aid Microsoft Teams adoption Modality also provided a training expert to deliver on-site and remote training sessions to users. After a Discovery Session to establish current working practices and user needs, training was targeted at those use cases, providing relatable context for users. With a primary focus on using Teams for internal chat, calling and collaboration, the training received an average 4.5 out of 5 stars rating and encouraged users to work remotely as part of a company-wide “smarter working” strategy.

Following on from the Teamwork Analytics implementation and training, DBW has also taken Modality’s Custom Invite solution. This Outlook plugin has been designed to help simplify the joining experience for online meetings where different AV video conferencing services are being used by participants both inside and outside the organisation.

Success and Company Benefits

DBW can demonstrate the ROI on their Microsoft Teams investment through the Usage reporting module of Teamwork Analytics. In just three months from the start of user training, DBW saw an increase in internal chat messaging from 5,000 to 15,000, plus a 15% increase in meetings usage month-on-month, demonstrating that DBW users are effectively adopting the technology throughout the business.

Following COVID-19, when all employees were forced to work at home, DBW were able to swiftly support their employees and businesses through technology. As a result, DBW has seen a 213% increase in Teams usage, with Teams meetings up by 564% and internal email usage reduced by 20,000 per month as collaboration between departments increases.

By utilising Teamwork Analytics, as well as Modality’s training expertise, Development Bank of Wales is now benefiting from:

  • Greater efficiencies in how employees use their time, due to the rich feature set of Microsoft Teams and the ability to work from any location
  • Effective lifecycle management through governance around new team creation
  • A secure and compliant Microsoft Teams environment with lower ICT team overhead
  • ROI visibility through usage trend reports and user behaviour insights

Customer Success

"Empowering our users to make the most of our Microsoft Teams investment was key to our rollout strategy. CreateTeam is fantastic; it works seamlessly and allows us to govern the platform with low impact on our internal resource. We wanted to make sure that we were driving Teams user adoption through the business, and with Teamwork Analytics we can measure exactly that. Being able to collaborate efficiently lets us focus on our mission to help more businesses to thrive."

Rob Hill
ICT Cloud Manager, Development Bank of Wales