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Skype for Business: Uptake, Adoption and Results

Meet the personal trainers of Cloud communications

Learn how we drive company-wide adoption of Skype for Business and increase employee adoption up to 94% with our Cloud Communications Express Solution - a full spectrum digital enterprise service, built on our bespoke apps:

  • TrainMe: complete user instruction and education
  • SurveyMe: user satisfaction surveys to monitor adoption
  • CustomInvite: enhances quality of Skype user experiences

Efficiency & Security - Completing the Skype for Business transformation

As technology accelerates and more options become available, it’s more important than ever for businesses to provide a robust tool-set that will accommodate the user needs now and in the future, eliminating the chance of a corporate security risk.

In this final installment of our three-part webinar series, we will explore examples of how user’s guiding IT decisions leads to added security risks, and how to avoid them as well as the impact of bring your app platforms vs. consolidation and control by IT. We will explore IT’s role in the Cloud examining different scenarios through real world examples and customer stories, finishing on a look towards the new way of working to appeal to and retain the millennial generation.


User Adoption & Transformation - the next step in the Skype for Business journey

As more organizations recognize the connection between the technology and wider business transformation, the measurement of success for technology investments need to change and projects should be categorized as business change projects not IT projects.

In part two of our Digital Transformation webinar, we share customer case studies and best practice tips to help you on your journey towards a digitally transformed modern workplace, including insight into working smarter with Skype for Business BOT’s and automating the user experience.


Digital Transformation - a Skype for Business journey

As organizations define their journey towards Digital Transformation the evaluation of collaboration technologies is a critical component for realizing complete confidence in any transformation project. In part one of our three-part Digital Transformation webinar series, we examined the role of collaboration technology in Digital Transformation.

This webinar aimed to explain the capabilities that exist today in Skype for Business which can help boost employee productivity, foster a collaborative working environment and deliver a return on investment from your technology.


Is the health of your UC environment keeping you awake at night?

Enterprise communication and collaboration environments can be incredibly complex to manage. The combination of technology layers from the core infrastructure, connectivity and security, to the mix of endpoints, cloud services and third party applications, creates a mesh of potential issues which can threaten the service continuity and user experience. The real challenge is identifying the cause early enough – preferably before it manifests itself to users – and knowing how to resolve the problem before it becomes a situation.

In this webinar, we will talk you through some of the complexities and common flash points, plus provide insight in the sort of things to look out for to take more of a preventative, proactive approach to managing your Skype for Business UC environment. We will also demonstrate certain components of our Collaboration Intelligence offer and show how to turn information into insight, which not only helps protect the current environment but also helps with developing it for the future.