Modality Systems

A New Approach to a Changing World

Identifying a clear destination and careful planning to ensure users adopt the technology while embracing the transformation, are important factors in determining that the journey runs as smoothly as possible.

An Evolving World

The past two decades have seen a massive change in the way we work and live. The explosion of the internet and rapid development of cloud and mobile technologies have provided us with new opportunities to rethink the traditional and redefine the norm.

Attitudes towards the adoption of new technology are changing as well due to greater willingness and desire to optimize the “latest and greatest” tools within our professional and personal lives.

Mobility has become a standard in everyday business. And a worldwide acceptance of “the cloud” has created the expectation that knowledge should be accessible anywhere at anytime.

UC Defined

Universal Communications (UC) is the concept of working as effectively and efficiently as possible, from any device, regardless of where you are.

It is about redefining business processes by bringing together different communication modalities to help you transition from traditional location based working to a more flexible and people centric approach.

Universal Communications brings together presence, voice, messaging, and conferencing to help teams collaborate regardless of proximity.

The Journey to UC

Developing a successful UC journey isn’t based on technology alone. You’ll need to identify several other key factors to ensure the journey runs as smoothly as possible. Some key factors to keep in mind throughout the journey are; the end goal, continuous planning and how to maximize user adoption throughout the journey. The journey can be split into 4 main phases:


Know why you are starting the journey. Identify the value UC can deliver to your organization and define a measureable business case to achieve your business goals.


Creating your roadmap for the journey. A significant phase where all the preparation, planning and design activities happen, and where the foundation of the project is laid.


Bringing the journey to life. Implementing on your plans to facilitate transformation within the organization's environment.


Ensuring the momentum within the journey continues. Enhancing and developing the solution further is key for succeeding in the evolving world.

Value of UC

Two thirds of UC projects are driven by a desire to improve productivity and collaboration. Over 80% of businesses report meeting or exceeding business case objectives. You can expect to see up to a 30% increase in productivity with staff retention improvements of up to 20%.

Most importantly, when it's all said and done, your new Universal Communications implementation can deliver an overall cost savings of between 60–90%.

Value By the Numbers
  • Save up to 60% on cost of communications systems
  • Save up to 95% on conferencing charges
  • Save up to 50% on mobile call and roaming charges
  • Save 30–75% on travel costs
  • 28 minutes per day in productivity improvements per team member
  • 65–75% of UC users say they wouldn't give it up