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The United Nations Foundation was looking for ways to improve their communication and collaboration between staff, regardless of the location, as well as with their federated partners. With the organisation spread across multiple time zones, and involved in events that demand immediate response with a multitude of local and international organisations, communications are vital and can sometimes be expensive.

Our Solution

Having decided upon a technology refresh to coincide with a consolidation of its office premises, the United Nations Foundation engaged with Modality Systems to design and deploy a full enterprise voice Microsoft Lync solution integrated with Office 365.

As well as providing an excellent replacement for the traditional telephony infrastructure in the office, Lync is transforming the way staff communicate and collaborate in the field and reducing the reliance on expensive mobile roaming. In addition to supporting the UNF teams who are working overseas on projects at any given time, the collaborative solution provides other staff with the flexibility to work remotely if required minimising the potential impact on critical operations.

The federated nature of the Lync solution is also transforming the ease with which the UNF can collaborate with its international partners – from aid groups to foundations. Rather than relying on the expensive audio conference facility, it is now a simple process to create a conference using Lync while maintaining a secure and unified user experience.

Summary of Services
  • Consultation
  • Scoping and planning
  • Design
  • Deployment
  • Adoption
  • Support

“In addition to meeting the incredibly tight time frame of less than six weeks from design to deployment, Modality Systems also delivered the solution under budget. The deployment was smooth and rapid. Throughout the process the Modality Systems team were professional, flexible and responsive – they really came to the rescue at the right time and saved the UNF from a stressful situation.”

Business Value

By deploying Microsoft’s advanced collaborative solution, UNF has reduced the cost of its conferencing services from $10,000 per month to just $3,000 – creating an annual saving of $84,000. In addition, mobile roaming costs have been cut dramatically; while the maintenance and line rental costs associated with the PBX have also been removed. As a result, the UNF is achieving estimated savings in excess of $100,000 per year, creating a return on investment within months.

Further productivity and collaboration benefits are also expected, through process efficiencies, quicker decision making and the general ease of communications.

Cost Reduction

In under six weeks, Modality Systems designed and deployed a Lync solution reducing monthly conferencing services costs by 70%.

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