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A Skype for Business solution to enhance Foxtons Competitive Advantage

Foxtons needed to upgrade their legacy Microsoft Lync 2010 systems to Skype for Business to allow for an integration to their web-based customer facing portal.

The Challenge

As part of an initiative to provide a superior customer experience to clients and differentiate themselves from the rest of the market, Foxtons introduced a revolutionary web-based customer portal called MyFoxtons. MyFoxtons allows customers to access personalised information and interact with their named advisor.

As the majority of the Foxtons workforce is mobile based, and spend large portions of the day on the road, they faced the challenge of enabling a real-time direct conversation via the web portal, to the correct Foxtons named advisor.

Foxtons wanted to increase the level of service their web-based customer portal could offer by allowing customers to initiate web-based instant messaging and chat conversations with their advisors. They required the conversations to take place within the portal but be hosted on Microsoft Skype for Business, with the advisor using the standard desktop or mobile client versions of Skype for Business.

About Foxtons

Foxtons opened its first estate agency in 1981 and has since grown to boast 65 offices in London and Surrey. Over the years, Foxtons has established itself as a leading London estate agent. Foxtons pride themselves on innovation and embracing change, and are constantly challenging tradition through their desire to improve the way the industry operates.

Our Solution

Foxtons needed to upgrade their legacy Microsoft Lync 2010 systems to Skype for Business to allow for an integration to their web-based customer facing portal.

Modality Systems expert team of consultants and developers set about to develop a custom solution for Foxtons. Our team produced a library which integrated with the existing MyFoxtons portal to allow customers to contact their advisors directly. The library did not require client-side plug-ins and can operate on desktop and mobile devices alike.

When a customer requests assistance the advisor is sent an Instant Message using Skype for Business, that provides details about the customer, sourced from Foxton’s CRM system. If the advisor wishes to accept the conversation, then they are seamlessly connected to the customer.

The advisor continues to use Skype for Business and can chat to the customer who is using the web portal. This is achieved using the Microsoft Skype Web SDK – a revolutionary software tool provided by Microsoft to Skype for Business developers to enable unified business to consumer (B2C) interactions.

As early adopters of the new SDK, Modality Systems were able to utilise this tool to build out value added applications and software to deliver real organizational value.

The Outcome

As a result of working in partnership with Foxtons internal web development team, Modality Systems were able to develop a solution that offered customers an enhanced user-experience through the ability to maintain a direct, discreet communication channel with their advisor. With the web-chat functionality linked to Skype for Business presence, customers were able to immediately see if their advisor was available – even while they were on the go using their mobile client – and initiate a messaging exchange or conversation with them. As Foxtons were already using Microsoft Lync 2010, Modality Systems solutions ensured a greater return on investment on software & licensing, and allowed Foxtons to sweat the assets of their initial investment.

Productive Workforce

Not only did this afford the customer the level of responsiveness and discretion of communication they wanted, it also helped Foxtons save money by reducing the need to route calls through an office line. This negated the requirement of administration time and freed up the workforce to apply their time more productively.

“Modality Systems took a conceptual, abstract business idea from us and fashioned a solution that was effective and made best use of the Microsoft toolset.

Through leveraging their expertise in Skype for Business, the Modality Systems team were able to work with us to deliver a messaging solution that is unique and cutting edge, yet underpinned by enterprise-grade technology. This allowed us to deliver a messaging platform that provides Foxtons with a real competitive advantage in communicating with our customers.

The can-do attitude and wide range of experience Modality Systems were able to bring to this project was both refreshing and central to the successful delivery of the solution.”

Dan Rafferty, Chief Information Officer – Foxtons

Skype for Business

As a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, all the powerful functionality of Skype for Business such as presence, messaging, email integration, voice, video and meeting functionality are available in a cloud services basis.

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