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Collaborative Communication Takes To the Sea

Modality Systems designs and deploys Microsoft Lync 2013 solution for Crystal Cruises to underpin its international operations across land and sea.

Project Brief

The world’s leading luxury cruise provider, Crystal Cruises has turned to Modality Systems to design and deploy Microsoft Lync 2013 across its business, including its two luxury cruise ships. The solution utilises the rich collaborative features of Microsoft advanced collaboration technology to reduce costs, improve productivity, and ultimately support superior service delivery to guests.

Created in 1988 with a vision to set a completely new standard in luxury travel and world exploration, Crystal Cruises consistently ranks among the top luxury properties in the world and has an unprecedented number of accolades and awards.

With an ongoing commitment to improving the value and services to guests, Crystal Cruises wanted to explore ideas for reducing costs and providing a collaborative environment for the entire business to utilise now and into the future.

Summary of Services

Scoping and planning

“It is part of our mission to constantly seek improvement and innovation of our services as well as strive for reduction of our costs in order to maintain reasonable fares, thereby enhancing the value of our service to customers.”

Bjorn Andersson, Manager, Shipboard & Network Operations at Crystal Cruises

Our Solution

Crystal Cruises identified Microsoft Lync 2013 as the solution and engaged with Modality Systems to design, deploy and roll out the system across the organisation, including its luxury cruise ships, making it the first cruise line to deploy Microsoft Lync 2013 and further enhancing the innovative reputation of the business.

The rich collaboration features of the collaboration solution were a key factor in the decision, providing all users with a comprehensive suite of communication possibilities encompassing audio, video, messaging, data collaboration and ubiquitous presence available to them from wherever they are working.

The conferencing capabilities of Microsoft Lync 2013 also make it an ideal replacement to the teleconferencing services used by Crystal Cruises, allowing team members to initiate ad-hoc or scheduled meetings with other team members across the organisation, regardless of their location. It also provides the business with a cost effective method of keeping other federated suppliers and key affiliates informed with regular business and training updates as well as running management meetings across the wider group.

Business Value

On-board the ships, crew members can enjoy the same features and benefits of Lync as their shore based colleagues, while instant messaging has become the preferred method for ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship communications which utilise satellite internet connections. Instant messaging requires a minimal amount of bandwidth but provides a reliable means of getting messages to the right person at the right time.

The introduction of Microsoft Lync 2013 has enabled Crystal Cruises to make significant cost savings. Crystal Cruises Lync deployment has removed their reliance on expensive teleconferencing services saving roughly $11k a month and further reduced the need for travel.

Efficient Features

Features such as presence and instant messaging have had a massive impact on efficiency, giving team members the visibility of knowing when and who is currently available and facilitating timely communications which result in quicker decisions and reducing delays.

“Our signature commitment to service and innovation continues to define the luxury travel experience, and our dedication to excellence has earned us unprecedented recognition as the world best in our field. The technology we deploy performs a significant role in our activities, acting as an invisible facilitator of vital communications and interactions between staff, suppliers and our customers.

The support we received from the Modality Systems team was incredible. They demonstrated a great knowledge and understanding of Lync and what was required for our situation. They designed a solution which they rolled out across the business, including our cruise ships on the other side of the world, without any fuss or the need to visit site in the case of the global locations and ships. They provided a service on a par to the service we offer our customers and guests, taking the stress out of what could have been a challenging project.”

Bjorn Andersson, Manager, Shipboard & Network Operations - Crystal Cruises

Lync 2013: Foundation & Future Possibilities

Microsoft’s collaboration solution provides Crystal Cruises with a foundation for future possibilities. The capabilities are endless and enable Crystal Cruises to consider new and innovative ways of embedding rich communication and collaboration features enabling new ways of working or supporting new guest services.

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