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Communicate Anytime Anywhere

BPAY wanted a communications platform that would enable location flexibility and for staff to be able to communicate anytime anywhere via their PCs.

The Challenge

BPAY was about to relocate to the Sydney Central Business District to provide a new, more convenient location for their team, as well as introduce a new activity based flexible working culture. To assist with this new flexible approach, BPAY needed an innovative communications solution.

One of BPAY’s objectives was to be a trailblazer with the latest technologies in the industry. BPAY wanted a communications platform that would enable complete location flexibility for staff to communicate anytime anywhere via their PCs. Having already implemented Microsoft Office 365, the next step was to take full advantage of the cloud voice and meetings functionality of the platform.

About BPAY

BPAY led the world with a single bill payment service accepted across the banking system in 1997. Today BPAY offers fast, secure and convenient bill payments through over 150 Australian financial institutions, covering over 95 per cent of the consumer banking market. BPAY is offered on over 45,000 bills which cover a spectrum of over 299 industries represented in the BPAY biller file, each day it processes on average 1.5 million transactions to the value of $1.3 billion.

Our Solution

Modality Systems worked closely with BPAY to design and implement a Cloud PBX solution with On-Premises PSTN connectivity. This was achieved by enabling Skype for Business Online in Office 365, with all PSTN access through a local SIP trunk breakout. The on-premises component required Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) to bridge Office 365 and the on-premises PSTN gateway and SIP trunk.

The biggest challenge both BPAY and Modality Systems faced was implementing this solution concurrent with the relocation of BPAY’s office to Sydney CBD. Modality Systems’ world class team of experts were equipped with the best knowledge and experience in the industry to complete the project. To deliver the project to the agreed timeline, they broke down the project into 4 phases: Design, Build, Migration, and Handover.

The Design phase was critical as it paved the path for the whole project including relocation to the new CBD office. Modality Systems facilitated a series of Design Workshops. With our unique UC 360 Impact Assessment, we identified the potential gaps and determined the technical requirement to establish understanding and agreement of detailed technical design and configurations, this resulted in a High Level Solution Design – the blue print of the deployment.

The Build phase was the core component of the whole project, which involved deploying two Skype for Business CCE instances, one in each Data Centre. To ensure a seamless integration with Skype for Business, we conducted a comprehensive user analysis, dial plan, voice policy and routing plan, before configuring the dial plan rules on gateways. This phase was marked complete by testing and validating the delivered solution, including troubleshooting and resolution of issues that can be corrected through design and configuration controls.

The final two phases – Migration and Handover had an emphasis on Administrator and End User training to ensure BPAY team members could make the most out of the new technology and start using it from day one. Modality System’s User Adoption services has a track record of driving companywide adoption of Skype for Business and can increase employee adoption up to 94%. We started with a Modality Systems facilitated pilot consisting of 50 users from BPAY’s IT team and selective staff members. The pilot validated that Skype for Business was a good fit to their changing needs and work culture. We rolled out training to the entire office after the successful pilot, which covered all of the basic client functionality – Instant Messaging, Presence, Conferencing (audio, web and video) and Telephony functionality. This resulted in the users fully embracing the new communication system the first day they moved into the new office. To ensure 100% user satisfaction, we delivered Floor Walking to complement the internal user adoption team and provided functional ‘how do I?’ support.

Business Value

Modality Systems enabled BPAY to create an “Office of the Future”, which will create a new work culture that promotes activity based working and flexible working arrangements. A client entering BPAY’s new office today will feel they are in a company that operates right at the leading edge of technology. Office 365 and Skype for Business are putting familiar tools in the hands of employees, providing the Skype experiences they know with the phone system they use every day. Communication is no longer limited within the physical bricks-and-mortar office. BPAY team members can now use their work phone anywhere, both in and out of the office. The new phone system took the extension number out of the picture and it significantly reduced the time and frustration of making phone calls. Team members are no longer tied to their desks, the new communication technology enables them to connect with colleagues and clients on any mobile device e.g. laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Modality Systems also helped BPAY transform meeting room technology. With Plantronics meeting room devices set up in a number of huddle spaces, BPAY staff can enjoy the latest and seamless virtual meeting experience. For management, the new set up is expected to significantly reduce conferencing costs, with an estimated payback period within 12 months.

The successful deployment of Microsoft Office 365 Cloud PBX unlocked the opportunity to partner with BPAY. They further engaged with Modality Systems for Managed Services for their Cloud PBX environment. Our Monitoring and Event Management will monitor thousands of metrics in the Skype for Business ecosystem, 24x7 using a blend of off-the-shelf applications and proprietary tools. Under Modality Systems’ Incident Management Support, we will provide 24x7x365 Incident Management services provided by a global resource pool of certified, experienced Service Operations Engineers, out of Network Operations Centres located in London, Seattle and Sydney. In addition to Problem Management and Change Management, Modality Systems will ensure BPAY’s collaboration environment is reliable, performing at its best and up-to-date at all times in order to support all business activities.

“Modality Systems were exceptional in leading the Skype for Business implementation at BPAY - a great feat that was achieved in a very tight time frame.

The quality and commitment shown by the Modality team were second to none. Modality were very customer focused and worked outside of the norm to support us in ensuring delivery of a quality solution. Their ongoing support is also well received and appreciated by BPAY.

At BPAY, we are extremely glad to have chosen Modality to deliver and support our Skype for Business solution.”

Kahlil Yarak, Head of Application and Architecture Services - BPAY

Skype for Business

As a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, all the powerful functionality of Skype for Business such as presence, messaging, email integration, voice, video and meeting functionality are available in a cloud services basis.

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