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Global Communication company pioneers cloud-based UC in Australia

In 2017, BAI Communications became one of the first companies in Australia to deploy Microsoft’s cloud-based voice-collaboration suite, transforming work-styles at remote broadcast stations.

The Challenge

With its origins in the dawn of Australian broadcasting, BAI Communications has grown into a global network and broadcasting specialist. Today the company maintains broadcast stations across Australia, and builds Wi-Fi and cellular-coverage networks for urban, mass-transit networks in Canada, the US and Hong Kong.

BAI Communications operates from over 20 corporate sites in Australia, and wants its technical experts to collaborate easily and efficiently. But with multiple stations in remote areas, employees have few opportunities to meet their colleagues face-to-face. Until recently, most employees had limited interaction with the company’s head office in Sydney.

To empower workers and enhance knowledge-sharing, BAI Communications wanted a top-grade, video-collaboration and telephony suite, accessible on any device via a single, easy-to-use interface. For rapid roll-out and ease of maintenance they wanted a solution that required next-to-zero on-site infrastructure. And they wanted someone else to manage it.

About BAI

BAI Communications designs, builds and operates highly available communications networks – cellular, Wi-Fi, broadcast, radio – for customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong and Australia.

BAI is at the heart of some of the most innovative technology around, technology that is keeping people connected.

Our Solution

During 2017, BAI Communications became one of the first organisations in Australia to deploy Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Voice, which includes Office 365 and a cloud-based PBX. By moving the traditional PBX connection or internet-based telephony server into the cloud, BAI Communications avoided having to purchase and install significant amounts of on-site equipment.

BAI Communications chose Modality Systems as their partner of choice to take them through every step in the UC cloud journey. After analysing existing phone usage, Modality Systems designed the solution and took responsibility for implementation. This included a 40-user pilot followed by roll-out to 450 employees at 20 sites.

To help employees gain the greatest benefit in the shortest possible time, Modality Systems devised a program of on-site and online training. This included floor-walking during initial roll-out, so that employees learned the full potential of UC as they began to use it. Modality Systems also committed to providing additional training to user groups within eight days of receiving a request. As a result, UC is rapidly transforming the way that people work.

The Outcome

With Skype for Business and cloud based UC, BAI Communications employees in different time zones now enjoy the simplicity of managing all communication through one, integrated interface. This means team members in the UK and USA have far greater flexibility to interact and engage with each other on project planning and progress tracking. One of the biggest benefits is a reduction in travel. Videoconferencing and desktop-sharing mean that employees devise more advanced collaboration without travelling between offices.

Skype for Business PSTN conferencing helped BAI Communications reduce conferencing costs by over 70%.

For BAI Communications, the greatest operational benefit of cloud-based UC is that Modality Systems experts manage the service. By moving virtually all communications into the cloud – including PBX and voice servers – the company avoids new capital investment, and the responsibility for maintaining infrastructure. This frees BAI’s own in-house IT experts to focus on supporting their core business.

24/7 Help Desk

BAI Communications employees have confidence in a managed service, backed by a comprehensive Service Operations contract. If they experience difficulties, employees contact a 24/7 Help Desk staffed by Modality Systems experts, who respond within two hours.

To ensure that tips and advice were communicated across the business, Modality Systems published responses on BAI Communications’ enterprise social-networking platform.

“Modality Systems delivered an outstanding cloud-based project and enabled an integrated UC interface for BAI Communications. We became one of the first companies in Australia to deploy Microsoft’s cloud-based voice-collaboration suite, transforming work-styles across our business.

The new service frees employees in Australia, UK and USA to instantly connect with any contact or PSTN number from a Skype for Business application on their PC, laptop, meeting room or smartphone.

Videoconferencing is integrated with email and calendaring, and employees can instantly share desktops with colleagues. With the ability to bring customers into their immediate workspace, BAI employees interact more freely and establish more dynamic working relationships.”

Peter Turnbull, Chief Information Officer – BAI Communications

Skype for Business

In Australia, the company owns and operates one of the most extensive transmission networks in the world, delivering 59 million broadcasting hours to 99 percent of the population.

BAI Communications also provides Wi-Fi and cellular-network coverage to subway and rail passengers in New York, Toronto and Hong Kong.

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