Modality Systems

A Global Provider & Trusted Partner

At our core, we are consultants dedicated to the way organisations communicate. To our customers, we are a trusted partner working closely to design and develop the right communications and collaboration solutions to positively impact their organisation.

Who we are

Modality Systems is an award-winning communications and collaboration services specialist. We help global organisations realise and extend the business value, and transformational impact of Microsoft’s evolving communications and collaboration suite.

What we do

We deliver the right technology to the right people - and make sure they are empowered to use it. Connecting people, enhancing team performance and transforming organisations.

Every customer engagement programme is underpinned by three core value pillars: Usage, Health and Future - designed to maximise technology adoption and utilisation, maintain a healthy and reliable environment, and develop it to support the future goals of your organisation.

Our Approach

We listen to you - evaluating individual user, team and enterprise communications and collaboration needs in line with your strategic business goals. Then we build a programme that brings people and technology together - maximising adoption to realise true business value.

Where we do it at Modality Systems

Where we do it

Modality Systems is the world’s largest dedicated Microsoft communications practice, providing communications and collaboration services to over 5 million people, in more than 1000 public and private organisations, in over 100 countries.

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