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Welcome to the Microsoft Teams Audit Challenge! 

We’re excited for you to understand your Teams environment better and we can’t wait to get started.  

The audit will give you the opportunity to deep dive into how Microsoft Teams operates within your business and will investigate:

  • Your Teams environment and user behaviour
  • Call and video quality and experience 
  • User collaboration and productivity 

And the good news is, if 5 or fewer reds are identified out of 15 critical RAG-rated success metrics below, the audit will be free! 

Complete the form today and get started.

Critical Metrics

User Adoption

  Governance and Compliance

Call and Meeting Experience

Active for private chat

Inactive teams

 PC mic & speakers/non-certified devices 

Active for team chat

Inactive guests

 KPI exceeded – packet loss

Active for meetings

Teams with no owners

KPI exceeded - jitter

Active for team collaboration

Teams with duplicate names

 KPI exceeded – round trip time

Meetings using video and desktop sharing

Public teams with guests

% poor calls on the organisation’s network


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