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Improve and continually develop the use of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 with detailed activity insights.

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Modality Systems

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In the absence of ISDN availability to enterprises from 2020 onwards, organisations need to start planning their transition from ISDN to the newly accepted industry standard - SIP services.

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Modality Systems

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Modality Systems

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Bringing you Communication & Collaboration insights from our Unified Communications experts to help you shape the future of your business.

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We Believe in the Power of Connecting People

Modality Systems is an award-winning communications and collaboration services specialist. We help global organisations realise and extend the business value, and transformational impact, of Microsoft’s evolving communications and collaboration suite.

We believe in the power of connecting people, and are committed to helping customers experience the positive impact communications and collaboration can have within their business.

Let us help you realise the value of collaboration

We know how enabling communications and collaboration can add value within a business environment, with many of our customers’ realising benefits that go beyond initial expectations. By bringing people together throughout and beyond your business, we help you realise the value and increased productivity that can be gained through improved communication and collaboration.

Making the move to Cloud

As the world’s largest dedicated Microsoft communications practice, Modality Systems is ideally placed to support you with optimising transformational technology and making the move to the cloud at a time and pace that is right for your organisation. Find out more about how we can help you to build your roadmap to an advanced collaborative environment.