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The Possible

Getting the most out of your organization

Unified Communications is about bringing together different communication modalities to create a more productive way of working and improve business processes.   

While UC has gained significant user adoption over the past decade, many organizations limit themselves to presence and Instant Messaging (IM) functionalities, therefore missing out on the full potential of UC. It’s important for companies to take advantage of an integrated UC approach to applications and technologies. By adopting functionalities outside presence and IM, such as voice, video, and other collaboration features, businesses can truly realize the full advantage of a UC solution.

Modality Systems encourages organizations to think above and beyond the means of traditional communication platforms. With Microsoft Lync as the head platform, organizations are able to enhance existing business processes, create new ones, and entirely transform their business culture.

The Modality Systems team has extensive experience working with organizations to help them realize this full potential. Whether working through simple integrations of the Lync functionality, or combining Lync with custom-developed software, Modality Systems delivers sophisticated solutions with optimum ROI and benefits.

It is time for more organizations to exploit the real potential of UC. So get inspired…and realize the ‘Art of the Possible’.