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Ensuring missed instant messages and calls don’t go unnoticed.

More and more organisations around the world are recognising and experiencing the positive impact of a unified communications approach on day-to-day productivity, efficiency, decision making and cost control. And there is no doubting that Microsoft Lync has been at the heart of facilitating the transformation of working practices with its feature rich communication and collaboration capability that combines voice, video and instant messaging (IM) with the power of presence.

But having the functionality available is not always enough. In the face of increasing workloads and daily distractions, it is all too easy to miss an incoming instant message or call from a colleague, partner or even a customer. And unfortunately, it is not always easy to see when or what IM’s and calls you have missed, so important queries can go unnoticed.

The solution

SuperToast is an easy to use application designed specifically for Microsoft Lync users to alert them to missed instant messages and telephone or video calls.

If an instant message is not acknowledged within a certain timeframe, or a call goes unanswered, SuperToast will pop up a window in the centre of your screen, notifying you of any missed items. It will stay there until you click it away and add any subsequent missed IM’s or calls to the list.

Simply click on the missed messages in the list to view and reply.

Watch the SuperToast video

SuperToast is compatible with Microsoft Lync 2010 and 2013, and available in two variants:

  • A single user option which is freely available for download opposite*
  • And SuperToast Pro, a fully featured version ideal for organisations and multiple users that offers additional features and customisation options offering the flexibility to brand with your own colours and logo, which can be centrally configured, locked down and rolled out.

To download your free version of the single user edition, click here or on the green button opposite.

To enquire about SuperToast Pro, click here or on the orange button opposite.

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So there is no need to run the risk of missing an important message or call again!


*NB. The single user version is limited to 10 downloads per organisation