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Leveraging the power of Lync

The LyncMe product family is a suite of hosted applications specifically developed to help your organisation leverage the potential of Microsoft Lync to streamline and enrich business communications, and maximize workplace efficiency. The applications can be used throughout your organisation and even with other federated partners, providing even more flexibility of how you use them.

The LyncMe platform provides the management interface to the applications, enabling administrators to manage their applications and users, along with access to other key information.

The LyncMe application suite


Method for providing Lync-based corporate announcements and alerts to specific groups of users or enterprise wide.


Providing organizations the opportunity to obtain user feedback through customized Lync client-based surveys


A revolutionary way to deliver and monitor training content throughout your organization


An intuitive, interactive find-an-expert application.

The LyncMe application suite can also be deployed on premise for those enterprises who prefer not to use cloud or hosted technologies.