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Technical experts, trusted advisors

UC has the potential to positively transform working practices within your organisation and deliver numerous additional benefits. But as with any major project of this nature, the successful realisation of that promise depends on the preparation and planning undertaken before any project starts.

Although many organisations have the capability in-house to understand the technology, few can boast the hands-on experience in deploying Microsoft Lync, or the best practice knowledge which can prove invaluable in avoiding the pitfalls of the different phases of the project.

Our consulting services are designed to take the guess work out of defining, designing and deploying UC. As part of a suite of services available to support you at every stage of your UC journey, the consulting services provide the initial foundation upon which your UC strategy can be based.

Our experts

The Modality consultants are among the most highly qualified and well respected within the industry, with experience in planning, designing and deploying UC solutions both locally and on a global scale.

As well as being highly skilled on Microsoft Lync, our consultants also have an in-depth technical knowledge of the wider IT and communication environment encompassed in a UC solution, as well as the services and best practices required for a successful implementation of UC within the organisation.

Our consulting services

Our consulting services start by understanding your business and collaboratively working with you to define a strategic plan and business case to enable you to assess the potential benefits of UC for your organisation.

Following a decision to adopt UC within your organisation, we are then able to support you with designing an appropriate solution, as well as advice on planning for the project phases based on our years of collective experience and industry best practices.

In some instances, customers find that they have a number of planning and deployment days within their Microsoft Lync license which can be redeemed for services from accredited partners. As one of those accredited Microsoft partners, we can work with you and Microsoft to determine your entitlement and deliver services accordingly.

Our consulting services – at a glance

  • Strategic consulting and business assessment
  • Solution Design
  • Planning consultancy
  • Microsoft Lync Deployment Planning Services (LDPS)