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Something for everyone

We offer a range of services designed to support you through every step of the UC journey. Whether you engage with us from the outset or need to call upon our vast expertise at a later stage in your UC development, we will be able to help and provide you with the support you need.

Our service portfolio


Calling upon our wealth of knowledge and understanding about what is required to implement a successful Unified Communications (UC) strategy within a business, the consulting services are designed to help you with defining the business case, designing a solution and planning for a successful deployment and rollout.


We have a wealth of experience in deploying Microsoft Lync Unified Communications (UC), delivering customised solutions that integrate tightly into your environment to form the cornerstone for business transformation, reduce costs and improve productivity.


Our customisable suite of training and adoption services is designed to help our clients reduce the end-user adoption lead times, and speed up the process of realising the full benefits of their Microsoft Unified Communications investment.


A customisable and comprehensive suite of Support Services which includes Microsoft Premier Support for Lync, designed to help our clients protect their Microsoft Unified Communications investment and facilitate the end-user adoption process.


Our development services are all about helping you extend and maximise the potential of your UC solution, combining the feature rich functionality of Microsoft Lync with custom developed software to support a new level of business transformation and greater benefits for your organisation.