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Custom Development

Helping you leverage your UC assets

Our development services are aimed at helping you leverage the most from your unified communications investment. Combining software development skills with infrastructure know-how, our in-house development team are able to create customised applications, functionality enhancements or embed communications into other business applications.

Starting with the beginnings of an idea, a typical engagement will contain the following stages:

  • Discover:

The start of any project is an exploratory exercise where we figure out what success looks like and how to get there. We can provide demos to seed the discussion and facilitate a brainstorming exercise. We'll seek to gain a comprehensive understanding of your existing systems and processes, so we can recommend the best approach.

  • Design:

We'll put pen to paper (so to speak) and first develop a prototype. Once you're satisfied with the design, we'll work to produce a high-quality, well-tested software build so you can kick the tires in your production or proof-of-concept environment.

  • Deploy:

We'll help you deploy the solution in your environment and ensure there is a smooth handover from new product to business-as-usual. We always deliver documentation and essential training with any product deployment, so that your'e comfortable running it as a business-critical service.

  • Support:

A standard support and bug fixing agreement is built into every product we deliver. We believe that you shouldn't pay for fixes if the product isn't working as specified.